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The Mystery Novel NFT is an ERC-721 token that gives holders exclusive access to unlock the complete digital ebook “Everyone and No One”, a murder mystery novel featuring Psychedelics Anonymous characters.

The 1200 Mystery Novel NFT Collection is the Genesis Collection

Holders can also unlock all upcoming sequels in an ongoing series of mystery/sci-fi novels featuring PFP characters from other collections, including the sequel novel “Five Deadly Rebels” featuring both Psychedelics Anonymous and Rebels by Night Labs characters. “Five Deadly Rebels” will be available to unlock by holders on 2023-03-02.

“Everyone and No One” was written by Ian Tuason, a 2016 Watty Award Winner, the world’s largest writing competition. Learn more about the author here:

The Story

A few days ago, “William”, or PA#2787, disappeared. Today, PA#2945, desperate to find him, discovers his journal entries in the metaverse, offering clues to his disappearance - or getaway - or murder.
Sifting through PA#2787’s OpenSea collection of minted journal entries, PA#2945 weaves through a meta world of Greek riots, fights with bouncers, a stabbing in the Philippines, and other stories; some may even be true.
But when PA#2787’s OpenSea collection describes a vicious murder in eerie detail, PA#2945 must decide how deep he dares to trudge into PA#2787’s digital reality, tainting his own IRL memories, and threatening what little connection he has left with the real world, if there even is such a thing
“Everyone and No One” is a murder mystery novel told through a series of anonymous blog posts. Free chapters of the novel are published on Mirror.
The complete novel is available to download for offline reading on all standard ebook readers, including Kindle, by holders of the Mystery Novel NFT only.
But the story itself crosses platforms, like the Instagram page of the murder victim.
And PA#2945's personal blog website now seized by the Toronto Police.
Even William’s OpenSea collection offering clues to his whereabouts (the collection exists but not for sale).

The 1200 Mystery Novel NFT Collection is SOLD OUT

Holders can download the digital ebook then sell the Mystery Novel NFT on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea for others to purchase and read on standard readers like Kindle and Apple Books.
Or, holders can decide to hold and have ongoing access to download and read all upcoming sequels in the Mystery Novel NFT Series.

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