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The Five Deadly Rebels NFT is an ERC-721 token that gives holders access to unlock the digital ebook “Five Deadly Rebels”, a kung fu sci-fi novel featuring Psychedelics Anonymous and Rebels by Night Labs characters.

On 2023-08-17, 5055 of the 5555 NFTs in the collection were burned, reducing the collection to 500 NFTs. Purchase your Five Deadly Rebels NFT on OpenSea
Holders can unlock all upcoming sequels in the “Five Deadly Rebels” story universe, including the “Five Deadly Rebels” graphic novel currently in development and will be available to unlock by holders in Summer 2023, as well as the audio book version in Fall 2023.

Hidden Rarities

The 5555 book NFT collection offers multiple book cover editions and rarities that will be revealed to holders 10 days after mint out day, including rare white covers (300 of 5555)
Samurai blue covers (10 of 5555)
Plus 3 other color variations at varying rarity.

Seven 1/1 Character Covers

Seven NFTs from the collection will be 1/1 cover designs each featuring one of the seven main characters of the novel, like “The Blinder” cover below.

Three 1/1 Original Artworks

One lucky holder will be revealed a 1/1 artwork by @jyxdi, creator of Spirit Gates, and a staple in the Psychedelics Anonymous community, having performed live paintings at PA events in LA and NYC. Her 1/1 artwork features two main characters in the “Five Deadly Rebels” novel and will also be showcased as chapter art in the digital ebook.
One lucky holder will reveal 1/1 artwork by @warrickwong, an Australian artist and storyteller with 314K followers on Instagram, whose NFT art has sold for over 2ETH on Foundation.
One lucky holder will reveal 1/1 artwork by @BatmAndrewArt, an up-and-coming artist with over 36K followers on Twitter. This will be his first ever minted artwork.
Finally, one holder will reveal a 1/1 signed cover design by author Ian Tuason.

The Story

“Five Deadly Rebels” is a kung fu sci-fi novel about five “Rebels”, each gifted with skills that defy the laws of physics, but all hunting for the same crypto ledger hidden within the criminal underworld of New York City – a ledger holding contents that can not only change each of their lives, but the order of the world.

The New Universe

“Five Deadly Rebels” explores the idea that our reality is a simulation, created from another reality. But the previous reality is another simulation, within another simulation, and so on, implying that our reality is destined to create its own simulation—the Metaverse. The question is why? And only “the Anonymous”, a secret society from the previous simulation, know the answer.
But when a rogue Anonymous, known only as “the Master”, recruits five “Rebels”, coding them with super human abilities, the five are set off in a series of events that will disrupt the order of the simulation, unbeknownst to the five.
The story of “Five Deadly Rebels” is a pulp drama/crime story of five anti-heroes, driven by their own selfish desires, within the backdrop of a larger story about the philosophy of determinism and the nature of reality.

The Road Map

Holders of the Five Deadly Rebels NFT can unlock the complete digital ebook available for offline reading on Kindle, Apple Books and PDF.
Holders can unlock the “Five Deadly Rebels” graphic novel dropping in Summer 2023 and the audio book version in Fall 2023.
Holders can unlock all ebooks and graphic novels in the “Five Deadly Rebels” universe in the ongoing Mystery Novel NFT series for years to come.

The .5ETH Challenge

.5ETH is in this wallet. 5% of initial mint sales and ongoing royalties from the Five Deadly Rebels collection will be sent to this wallet as per smart contract.
The seed phrase for this wallet is hidden in the text of the “Five Deadly Rebels” novel. Clues to the seed phrase will be posted on a gated holders-only channel on our Discord. The first holder to solve the seed phrase will have access to this wallet and and all its contents.
“Five Deadly Rebels” is a story about five Rebels hunting for a hidden ledger and its secret seed phrase within the criminal underworld of New York City. Now, you, the reader, can go on your own hunt for riches just by reading the novel. Who will be the first to solve the secret seed phrase, we wonder?

The Team

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